What is OpenDonorCRM?

OpenDonorCRM is a managed service that utilizes the open source CiviCRM software. It is build on a Drupal and CiviCRM platform.

Can OpenDonorCRM be customized?

CiviCRM is build on a customizable, scalable platform that allows for the most difficult requirements to be met. Additional costs may be added for customizations.

Are there license fees?

No. CiviCRM is open source. This means you own your data.

Is there a limit to the amount of records?

No. Your organization may have unlimited records in CiviCRM.

Can I import data?

Yes, depending on amount and format of records. Fees may vary.

Can I perform mass mailings?

Yes, as long as CiviMail is properly setup with your organization.

Can the domain be customized?

Yes. Custom domains may require additional setup and costs incurred.