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Membership Management

Many organizations depend on custom segmented groups of special interest donors. From a Young Friends group to a Legacy Giving Membership, OpenDonorCRM provides your development team with the membership management solution that’s already integrated into your CRM system. It’s memberships, simplified.

OpenDonorCRM Membership Management incorporates all of the tasks you need in its flexible, needs-focused database. Every step of the process, including payment processing, communications, online member registration, joining, and renewal, and reporting can be done from the OpenDonorCRM. This nimble integration allows for easy customization and managed interactions with your organization’s members to provide consistent, responsive messaging and a tailored, personal experience.

OpenDonorCRM’s Membership Management features include:

  • Online, self-service membership signup and renewal
  • Custom web pages for targeted demographics
  • Customizable member status
  • Customizable rules
  • Dynamic search functions
  • Easy contact management
  • Customizable membership reports

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