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Event Management

For many organizations and nonprofits, events are a great way to raise a sizable portion of your fundraising goals. You don’t want any detail (or dollar) to fall through the cracks.

OpenDonorCRM’s Event Management gives you the power to create unlimited events and provides a seamless management tool to register attendees, keep track of RSVPs, and handle payments online. All in one place. Easily pull your contacts into an invitation list and execute through email or traditional direct mail. And of course, every step of the way is already integrated into your contact and donor management functions so there’s no need to import cumbersome spreadsheets.

OpenDonorCRM’s Event Management features include:

  • Unlimited Events creation
  • Event registration
  • Online and recurring payment acceptance
  • Event management
  • Online promotion
  • Market to targeted groups
  • Reminder Emails

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