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Donor Management

Relationships are built by people, but that’s no reason why some well-built technology can’t make it just a little easier.

OpenDonorCRM is designed to be a dynamic donor database that gives you all the tools your organization needs to build relationships with the contacts you’ve cultivated. Keep a complete solicitation and donation history for each contact and record their communication preferences. Segment your contacts into campaigns and memberships and drill down into individual records to make your solicitations even more personalized.

OpenDonorCRM’s Donor Management tools include:

  • Track contributions
  • Online contributions
  • Dynamic reporting
  • Easy to use search tools
  • Organized donor management information
  • Store donor management information
  • Secure, online transactions via Paypal and*

*We trust Paypal and for their commitment to security. Other payment processors are available but may require additional customization and cost. OpenDonorCRM does not charge a fee for online transactions on top of the fees set by the payment processor.

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